measured shoes

Casual Footwear

Today individual orthopedic shoes fulfil the wish of function and design.
These shoes can be light, attractive, modern coloured, modern styled or classical.Different leather, and many colours you can choose.

Know-how, leather, foam, developed for a better walking. Not to forget

systems to protect the feet during work, steel caps, steel soles, antistatic. Or sport shoes, flexible and supporting to be active. Last but not least, prevention and relief for diabetics.

We only use for producing, individual lasts and individual footbeds!

Safety Boots

Foot protection during work? Deformities? Amputation?
Integration after sickness or an accident? No problem!

Individual shoes with protection, low shoe- style or
boot- style, individual foot bedding.

- EN 345 (european norm)

- S1 (steel cap, antistatic, closed heel, shockabsorbing

- S2 (like S1, waterproofed )

- S3 (like S2, steel sole, treaded sole)

Home footwear

Individual orthopedic home footwear is mostly made of leather too.
These shoes are light, with individual footbedding, 
you choose low shoe-style or boot-style, heel closed or open,
with lacing or velcro, wedge heel or platform heel.
Wellness for your feet at home.